2024 Annual Theme: From the background to the spotlight: a new focus on neglected and rare diseases


Following the topics of 2021 (Artificial Intelligence), 2022 (Synthetic Biology) and 2023 (Pathways to Personalised Medicine), the year 2024 will see the addition of a new thematic focus: Neglected Tropical Diseases and Rare Diseases.
More than one million people are affected by various neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). The causes of these diseases range from parasitic worms (which cause schistosomiasis, for example) to bacterial infections (such as leprosy) and protozoan infections (caused by animal protozoa, e.g. Chagas disease).
An improvement in healthcare provision could prevent many of these diseases.
The term "rare diseases" or "orphan diseases" is used when fewer than around 200,000 people worldwide (approximately 1 in 1,500 to 2,000) are affected by the disease. There are often genetic causes for these rare diseases. Although they are rare worldwide, increased prevalence can be observed in certain regions. The research and treatment of these diseases is of particular interest as they can serve as a model for widespread diseases.

The various aspects of these disease groups will be presented and discussed in detail in lectures. You are most welcome to look out for the upcoming presentations.
In addition, current scientific topics may be integrated into the events, creating a fascinating mix of knowledge transfer


Dates 2024:


13 November 2024, 7 p.m.: Lecture series

Dr Manuel Stein, CEO, Subsequent GmbH: People through the eyes of the computer: real-time skeleton recognition based on simple smartphone images?

Dr Günther Metz, Head Business Development, Santhera Pharmaceuticals (Deutschland) GmbH: Success and perseverance - drug development for rare diseases at Santhera

The event will take place at the Innocel Innovation Centre Lörrach (Marie-Curie-Straße 8, 79539 Lörrach) and will be held in German.

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