"Impulses for start-ups and established businesses"


In keeping with the two industry focuses at Innocel, WFL Wirtschaftsförderung Lörrach GmbH offers several series of events together with its network partners:




The Startup Academy Lörrach is a social entrepreneurial initiative for the district of Lörrach (Germany). It is a contact point for people with (business) ideas Founders and start-ups are specifically supported within the framework of an accompanying programme in which mentors and experts invest their know-how in new ideas. The focus of the support is on the founding person (or the founding team), who is supported through a range of advice and mentoring, knowledge transfer and workshops, as well as tapping into relevant networks.

For further dates and more information about the Startup Academy Lörrach click here.


Startup Academy Lörrach
Tel. +49 (0) 1525 / 197 77 85 , f.grieco@startup-academy.ch




Three times a year WFL Wirtschaftsförderung Lörrach offers lectures and discussions as part of the "BioValley-Treffpunkt Lörrach" series. In line with the annual theme, one or two speakers from the pharmaceutical, medtech and biotech industries, universities or research institutes present current projects and ideas. Participation is open to all interested parties and free of charge.


Annual Theme 2024:

From the background to the spotlight: a new focus on neglected and rare diseases

For more information on the annual theme, an overview of this year's dates and the opportunity to register, please visit BioValley Meeting Point Lörrach 2024.

Next Date:

13 November 2024, 7.00 pm: Lecture series

Dr Manuel Stein, CEO, Subsequent GmbH: People through the eyes of the computer: real-time skeleton recognition based on simple smartphone images?

Dr Günther Metz, Head Business Development, Santhera Pharmaceuticals (Deutschland) GmbH: Success and perseverance - drug development for rare diseases at Santhera

The event will take place at the Innocel Innovation Centre Lörrach (Marie-Curie-Straße 8, 79539 Lörrach).




The aim of "connect Dreiländereck" is to more closely network regional IT companies and IT departments from regional companies and their suppliers and customers to find common points of contact and fields of action and to initiate measures from them. To this end, the network develops information events, expert lunches, world cafés and tri-national events for the members of the network. A special focus is placed on activities relating to the topic of recruiting professionals.

connect Dreiländereck




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