"Rich heritage - industrial culture in Lörrach"

French chic, Swiss chocolate and German engineering - Made in Lörrach


Lörrach has always been strongly influenced by the textile industry. The company, KBC Manufaktur Koechlin Baumgartner & Cie GmbH, one of the oldest textile printing firms in Germany, was founded in Lörrach in 1753. Their valuable sample books capture fascinating designs from more than 250 years of fashion, creativity and precision in fabric printing.



Two waves of industrialisation can be read from the development in population in Lörrach in the 19th Century. Following Baden joining the German customs union (Deutscher Zollverein) in 1836, the foundation of several textile companies quickly followed - mostly by Swiss entrepreneurs - which led to a noticeable increase in the population in Lörrach, such as in 1837, with the woollen cloth factory, Gebrüder Grossmann, in Brombach, in 1838, with Lörrach cloth factory (today TTL) and in 1847, with Vogelbach spinning mill.

Chocolate production from Switzerland arrived in Lörrach in a second wave of industrialisation at the end of the 19th Century. Philippe Suchard (1797-1884) founded his first German subsidiary in Lörrach in 1880. As early as 1901, the brand name "Milka" as an portmanteau of milk and cocoa, and already in its typical purple slab-shaped wrapper, was registered in the trademark register at the Imperial Patent Office in Berlin.



Kaltenbach machine factory was founded in 1887. In 1898, the company A. Raymond, headquartered in Grenoble in France, also founded a subsidiary in Lörrach for manufacturing quick fastening elements. At the time, they produced press studs and eyelets for the textile industry. Today, Raymond is an indispensable supplier of quick fasteners to the automotive industry. Shortly before the turn of the century, Dr. Adolf Feer founded the printing and finishing firm, Brombach (DAB), in 1899 on the site of today's Lauffenmühle.



Even today, the manufacturing sector in Lörrach, with more than 3,800 employees paying social security contributions, is still one of the top 3 employers along with the retail and healthcare sectors.

The citizens of Lörrach are proud of the numerous quality products that leave Lörrach destined for the whole world: Black Forest smoked ham and chocolate, fabrics for international catwalks, fabrics for work and protective clothing, noble African damask, shirt and blouse fabrics, as well as tableware, bed linen, technical textiles, premium-quality duvets and pillows, biomedical technology, catheters and pacemakers, dials, precision-turned parts, quick fasteners, printing and embossing rollers, agitators, bearing caps, punching and folding machines, notching robots, circular and band saws, sheet metal processing units, SMD mounting machines and many more.



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