"A border city with an industrial history"

Curious about Lörrach?


As a business centre Lörrach is characterised by

  • its location in the tri-border region between Germany, France and Switzerland. Lörrach is a border town. The citizens of Lörrach live on and with an external EU border, which is part of everyday life here.
  • Its location in the meadow valley between the Black Forest, Vosges and the Jura. Commercial space is scarce in the valley. The weather, however, is fantastic and always a few degrees warmer than in the rest of Germany. Work where others go on holiday!
  • Full employment and noticeable pay gap with Switzerland. Professionals are needed and training is more important than ever.
  • Numerous different government authorities and agencies. Lörrach is a district town and service centre and where DHBW Lörrach and a diverse range of educational institutions are located. The provision of medical care is being further consolidated by the construction of a new central hospital.
  • Excellent transport links: 20 minutes to Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg EuroAirport, 10 minutes to the ICE connection at Basel Badischer railway station, 20 minutes to the TGV connection at Basel SBB/SNCF railway station, the regional suburban train leaving every 30 minutes and the 98/A 5 motorway junction with a direct connection to the Swiss and French motorway networks.
  • People with broad horizons and a hospitable nature who are brimming with ideas.
  • Numerous medium-sized family businesses from a wide range of different industries:



Skilled Trades

Retail trade & Services

.... and much more!



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