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Commercial space development concept - Third update


In view of the large demand for commercial space in LörrachWFL Wirtschaftsförderung Lörrach GmbH updated the commercial space development concept for the town of Lörrach together with the urban and regional development office of Dr. Acocella. In addition to interesting topics such as Lörrach's integration into the regional economic area and the development in the workforce over the last decade, the concept focuses on the options available for activating commercial areas that are either underused or completely unused. To achieve this end, all 23 commercial areas in Lörrach were listed in detail and examined for possible potential. The concept describes four possible development scenarios:

Scenario I: Consolidating the commercial sector
Scenario II: Stabilising the existing commercial sector
Scenario III: Structural change of the service town
Scenario IV: Transformation into a residential centre.

At a meeting on June 29, 2017, Lörrach Town Council spoke in favour of Scenario II, stabilising the existing commercial sector.


Summary of the core questions and issues

Empirical values:

  • How have the most important economic sectors in Lörrach developed over the last decade? (Section 2.3 from p. 24)
  • Can a specific area requirement be deduced by 2030 from the development in employees who pay social security contributions? (Section 4 from p. 41)
  • In terms of economic development, how can the demand for space in recent years be described? What uses formed the focus and what sizes were in demand? (Section 4.6 from p. 61)
  • To what extent did commercial areas disappear in past years and what was the cause? (Section 5.2 from p. 66)

Current questions and issues:

  • What general conditions characterise Lörrach as a business centre? (Section 2 from p. 9)
  • What particularities characterise Lörrach's location in the tri-border region, and in particular its location on the EU external border to Switzerland? (Section 2.3 from p. 11)
  • Where are areas currently available in Lörrach? What is the quality and size of these areas? (Section 5.3 from p. 66)
  • How can the commercial area in Lörrach be characterised? Which qualities does the location have that need to be emphasised? (Section 5.4 from p. 69)

Development perspective:

  • What potentials can be activated in the medium or long term for the areas available? (Section 5.4 from p. 69)
  • How could Lörrach develop in the next 15 years as a business centre? What scenarios are conceivable? (Section 6.2 from p. 182)
  • What measures can be undertaken to secure and develop commercial and mixed-use areas? (Section 6.3 from p. 184)

You can find the answers to these questions in the commercial space development concept for Lörrach Town in the aforementioned sections: Commercial space development concept.


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