Where is the Innocel district located?

The Innocel district is located west of the centre of Lörrach on the lower bank between the slope and the B 317 and the river meadow. It is around 20 hectares in size and a large part is made up of the former KBC company premises.

The roots of KBC Manufaktur Koechlin, Baumgartner and Cie go back to the year 1753. Until the 1990s, KBC was one of the most important textile printing companies in Europe, and thus formed the nucleus and flagship of the textile industry which had been shaping Lörrach for centuries.

What uses does the development plan propose?

Two development plans come into question for the area: West Town Centre I (1999) and West Town Centre Il (2008).
Two restricted industrial areas and a mixed zone are designated in the northern section. In the southern section, a mixed zone, a special retail trade zone, two commercial zones and a restricted commercial zone are specified.
The respective statutes, justification and planning law stipulations can be viewed in the Lörrach Town geoportal.

What does the name of Innocel stand for?

Innocel is an acronym of the initial letters of the Innocel Innovations Center, Lörrach.

The Innocel Innovations Center Lörrach is home to a community of young and established companies from the life sciences, medical technology and information technology sectors. They are located in the former block printing building from KBC Manufaktur Koechlin, Baumgartner und Cie. The listed building now has Marie-Curie-Straße 8 as an address and has borne the "Innocel" logo since 2002. 

The building was lovingly restored by a private group of investors in a public-private partnership as part of the regional restructuring programme. Innocel is run by WFL Wirtschaftsförderung Lörrach GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of Lörrach Town.

Successful transformation of an industrial area

Shaken by the radical restructuring measures undertaken at KBC in the late 90s, it was important for the Lörrach municipal council to set a counterpoint with the Innocel Innovation Center Lörrach as a lighthouse project that set an example for actively shaping structural change in Lörrach.

Lörrach Town still has around 5,000 sqm of commercial space available in the northern zone, which, following on from the sectors represented at Innocel, are to be given to companies from the life sciences, medical technology and information technology sectors. 

Changes are also taking place in the southern zone. The new owner of the approximately 9-hectare commercial property, which will be used in its entirety by KBC and Contender until the end of October 2019, intends to further develop the site into an attractive innovations district offering great appeal. 

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